All Wing Report In B-Wing “Nera Dantels”  (Rebel Aces Expansion) (35 pts) You can perform secondary Torpedo weapon attacks against enemy ships outside your firing arc. Modification– B-Wing/E2 (Rebel Aces Expansion): Your upgrade bar gains […]

All Wings Report In TIE Defender “Rexler Brath”  (TIE Defender Expansion) (47 pts) After you perform an attack that deals at least 1 Damage card to the defender, you may […]

All Wing Report In TIE Phantom- “Whisper”  (TIE Phantom Expansion) (40 pts) After you perform an attack that hits, you may assign 1 focus to your ship. System– Advanced Sensors (E-wing/Lambda Expansion):Immediately […]

All Wing Report In 5x TIE Fighter- “Black Squadron”  (Core & TIE Fighter Expansion) (17pts) No Pilot Ability Elite Talent– Predator (TIE Defender Expansion)–  When attacking, you may reroll 1 attack die. […]

Today we’re going to take our first look at squadron building in Fantasy Flights X-Wing miniatures game in our new Rogue Squadron segment. Here we’ll look at different squadron builds […]

Battle for Kreval Station

At Gamer Nation Con this past weekend I ran a massive X-wing event.  It was a scenario with an Imperial Star Destroyer attacking a hidden rebel base in an asteroid […]