Ship Build: Peregrine Fighter

In honor of the Shuttle Event going on now in STO, I give you a fun shuttle build.  Raptor (NX-92371) Peregrine Class Fighter CO: Jaarod Ship Build Fore Weapons Gravimetric Photon Torpedo […]

First, an announcement. Tonight at 830pm Eastern time, I will be doing a Reddit AMA in my role as an author. Check it out and since its an Ask Me […]

Star Trek Online recently released some information about their upcoming “Delta Rising” expansion that details the new Tier 6 ships. While we don’t yet know which of these new features […]

This weekend at Star Trek: Las Vegas, the STO Devs revealed the next expansion: Delta Rising. Surprise, it takes place in the Delta Quadrant (you know, where the last two […]

Ship Build: Fleet Prometheus (Akula part 2)

 USS Akula (NX-92371) Prometheus Class Fleet Advanced Escort CO: Jaarod Ship Build Fore Weapons Enhanced Biomolecular Photon Torpedo Launcher Mk XII Avg Dmg: 4,696 Kinetic Damage Max Dmg: 2,728 x2 per target Phaser […]

Ship Build- Fleet Dreadnaught (Daedalus)

  USS Daedalus (NX-92589) Galaxy-X Class Fleet Dreadnaught Cruiser CO: Jaarod Ship Build Fore Weapons Romulan Hyper-Plasma Torpedo Avg Dmg: 2,722.3 x3 Max Dmg: 5,664 x3 Fleet Andorian Phaser Dual […]