FFG made their official announcement about Scum and Villainy over the weekend. I won’t repeat the article. But I do want to highlight a few things. The Rebels have tough […]

Scum and Villiany

Exciting news out of GenCon, X-wing is getting a third faction! All of this information is secondhand, from TeamCovenant Twitter feed and friends at GenCon. But here’s a summary as […]

All Wings Report In TIE Defender “Rexler Brath”  (TIE Defender Expansion) (47 pts) After you perform an attack that deals at least 1 Damage card to the defender, you may […]

This happened: FFG has announced a new miniatures game. Separate from X-wing.  This is both awesome and sad. On the one hand, I really wanted a game with capital ships. […]

All Wing Report In E-Wing “Corran Horn”  (E-Wing Expansion) (40 pts) At the start of the End phase, you may perform one attack. You cannot attack during the next round. System– Fire […]

All Wing Report In X-Wing “Jek Porkins”  (Rebel Transport Expansion) (35 pts) When you receive a stress token, you may remove it and roll 1 attack die. On a Hit result, deal 1 […]

Latest article from FFG regarding Wave 5 is up. This one highlights a new Elite Pilot Talent coming called “Stay on Target”.  “When you reveal a maneuver, you may rotate […]

All Wing Report In TIE Phantom- “Whisper”  (TIE Phantom Expansion) (40 pts) After you perform an attack that hits, you may assign 1 focus to your ship. System– Advanced Sensors (E-wing/Lambda Expansion):Immediately […]