All Wing Report In B-Wing “Blue Squadron Pilot”  (B-Wing Expansion) (29 pts) No Pilot Ability Cannon– Heavy Laser Cannon (Lambda/Slave-1/YT-2400 Expansion): 3 Attack, Range 2-3: Attack 1 ship. Immediately after rolling your attack dice, you […]

First, an announcement. Tonight at 830pm Eastern time, I will be doing a Reddit AMA in my role as an author. Check it out and since its an Ask Me […]

Star Trek Online recently released some information about their upcoming “Delta Rising” expansion that details the new Tier 6 ships. While we don’t yet know which of these new features […]

All Wings Report In TIE Phantom- “Whisper”  (TIE Phantom Expansion) (37 pts) After you perform an attack that hits, you may assign 1 focus to your ship. Elite Talent– Veteran Instincts (Millenium […]

All Wings Report In 3x TIE Defender “Delta Squadron”  (TIE Defender Expansion) (33 pts) No Pilot Ability Cannon- Ion Cannon (B-wing/Slave-1/TIE Defender Expansion): Attack: Attack 1 ship. If this attack hits, the defender suffers […]

FFG made their official announcement about Scum and Villainy over the weekend. I won’t repeat the article. But I do want to highlight a few things. The Rebels have tough […]

Scum and Villiany

Exciting news out of GenCon, X-wing is getting a third faction! All of this information is secondhand, from TeamCovenant Twitter feed and friends at GenCon. But here’s a summary as […]