Unleash the Scum

Scum and Villiany for Xwing officially released today. I haven’t had a chance to play with any of the ships yet but I did pick up some of each of the new ships. I should get a chance to play some this weekend and try at least one squad out. There are a lot of interesting combos and builds to consider.

Too many in fact.  I can’t decide what to fly first. Double Aggressors? Those synergize well and the dial on the ship is beautiful. At PS6 with no turrets they will be a real challenge to fly but a lot of fun.

Scum versions of existing ships, like the Firespray, HWK-290 or Y-wing? All of the named pilots in these groups look awesome. Palob Godalhi + Opportunist would be amazing. Boba Fett will finally kick some ass.

Then there are the unknown variable builds that make full use of the Illicit cards. Suicide Squads are big. First there’s Dead Man’s Switch, which could really throw off your opponent if she has to choose between killing you and therefore doing damage to some of his own ships, or shooting something else. Second, there’s Feedback Array. On four low level Z-95’s that’s only 56pts. If they can swarm a Phantom, even out of arc, together they could just outright kill it, no rolls necessary.  Granted, they’ll be damaged and ioned but their okay with that.

So, what should I fly first?