Rogue Squadron: Mixed B-wings

All Wing Report In

B-Wing “Nera Dantels”  (Rebel Aces Expansion) (35 pts)

You can perform secondary Torpedo weapon attacks against enemy ships outside your firing arc.

  • Modification– B-Wing/E2 (Rebel Aces Expansion): Your upgrade bar gains the crew upgrade icon.
  • 2x TorpedoFlechette Torpedo (E-wing/Rebel Transport Expansion)- Attack (target lock): Discard this card and spend your target lock to perform this attack. After you perform this attack, the defender receives 1 stress token if its hull value is “4” or lower.
  • Elite Talent– Deadeye (A-wing Expansion)– You may treat the Attack (target lock): header as Attack (focus): When an attack instructs you to spend a target lock, you may spend a focus token instead.
  • Crew– Recon Specialist (HWK-290/TIE Phantom Expansion)- When you perform a focus action, assign 1 additional focus token to your ship.

B-Wing “Dagger Squadron”  (B-wing/Rebel Aces Expansion) (33 pts)

No Pilot Ability

  • Modification– B-Wing/E2 (Rebel Aces Expansion): Your upgrade bar gains the crew upgrade icon.
  • System– Advanced Sensors (E-wing/Lambda Shuttle Expansion)– Immediately before you reveal your maneuver, you may perform 1 free action. If you use this ability, you must skip your “Perform Action” step during this round.
  • Crew– Tactician (TIE Phantom Expansion)- After you perform an attack against a ship inside your firing arc at Range 2, that ship receives 1 stress token.
  • Cannon- Ion Cannon (B-wing/Slave-1/TIE Defender Expansion)- Attack: Attack 1 ship. If this attack hits, the defender suffers 1 damage and receives 1 ion token. Then cancel all dice results.

B-Wing “Dagger Squadron”  (B-wing/Rebel Aces Expansion) (32 pts)

No Pilot Ability

  • Modification– B-Wing/E2 (Rebel Aces Expansion): Your upgrade bar gains the crew upgrade icon.
  • System– Fire Control Systems (B-wing/TIE Phantom Expansion) After you perform an attack, you may acquire a target lock on the defender.
  • Crew– Gunner (Slave-1/YT-2400 Expansion)- After you perform an attack that does not hit, you may immediately perform a primary weapon attack. You cannot perform another attack this round.


Lock S-Foils in Attack Position

This squad is a mix of a few triple B-wing ideas. I originally conceived of ion/tactician ship and thought a wave of three would be good. All dishing out ions and stress. Then I thought about the gunner/FCS combo. I really liked the idea but only have one gunner card. And finally I wanted to play Nera because 360 degree torpedoes sounds fun.

Putting them together in some ways makes a better squad. Triple of either of the Daggers is nice for consistency and ensuring the loss of one ship doesn’t take away any ability. But it also lacks flexibility. Adding Nera gives some flanking defense. And your opponent has one more choice to make, which of the ships is he most afraid of.  You have the option to dish out a lot of stress, ion a ship and have a heavy hitter. This gives you some flexibility in targets. B-wings are tough and a 2 k-turn is useful.

I only was able to play one game with this so far and it got creamed. It faced a four B-wing list, three of them with Tacticians. This stressed them out and Nera ever only took one action, despite living 3-4 rounds, so her 360 Flechette’s never came into play. Against B-wing, the Gunner/FCS combo was essentially useless because you’re almost always going to hit against 1 agility. The Tactician/Adv Sensor/Ion guy worked out well but he was also judged to be the least threat.

Does this loss mean its a weak list? Hard to say from one game but I think they might actually benefit more from stacking a particular type than diversity. Three of the Gunner/FCS ships against more agile opponent, such as those annoying TIE’s, has a good chance of wiping out two to three ships in the first attack. Conversely, the Ion/Tac triple combo could be good at shutting down 1-3 ships for an entire match. Throwing three stress and ion on even a big ship can be very damaging.



As I mentioned, you could easily take triple of either the Tac/Ion or Gunner/FCS variant. This gives you a consistent squad which can be easier to fly and they build on each other. You could trade Recon Specialist for an FCS or Advanced Sensors. Would also allow a Munitions Failsafe on Nera to keep torpedoes in good supply. Though it costs you having a focus on hand after spending one to shoot.