Rogue Squadron: Corran Falcon

All Wing Report In

YT-1300- “Han Solo”  (Millenium Falcon Expansion) (54 pts)

When attacking, you may reroll all of your dice. If you choose to do so, you must reroll as many of your dice as possible.

  • Crew– Navigatior (Lambda Shuttle Expansion): When you reveal a maneuver, you may rotate your dial to another maneuver with the same bearing. You cannot rotate to a red maneuver if you have any stress tokens.
  • Crew- C-3P0 (Tantive IV Expansion): Once per round, before you roll 1 or more defense dice, you may guess aloud a number of Evade results. If you roll that many Evade results (before modifying dice), add 1 Evade result.
  • Elite Talent– Veteran Instincts (Millenium Falcon/Slave-1 Expansion): Increase your pilot skill value by 2.
  • Title-  Millenium Falcon (Millenium Falcon Expansion): Your action bar gains the Evade action icon.


E-Wing- “Corran Horn” (E-Wing Expansion) (46 pts)

At the start of the End phase, you may perform one attack. You cannot attack during the next round..

  • Elite Talent– Veteran Instincts (Millenium Falcon/Slave-1 Expansion): Increase your pilot skill value by 2.
  • Astromech- R2-D2 (Core): After executing a green maneuver, you may recover 1 shield (up to your shield value).
  • Modification- Shield Upgrade (Millenium Falcon/Imperial Aces Expansion): Increase your shield value by 1.


Lock S-Foils in Attack Position

As difficult as it is to win with three ships you’d think just flying two ships would be suicide. Your opponent can easily focus fire you to oblivion and you’re only getting two shots each round, so it’s hard to do the same. While it’s certainly not easy there are some advantages to two really good pilots.

For one, you have less to keep track of. For another, with two really high PS you can move last, shoot first and not have to worry about running into yourself. With the right pilots you can really upgrade them to clear away some of these weaknesses. R2-D2 and a shield upgrade for instance, really turns Corran into a tough ship to kill. Similarly, Millenium Falcon title giving an evade action and C-3P0 giving a guaranteed miss each turn helps beefs up Han’s sad one agility.

Additionally, Corran’s ability itself is very useful here. On certain rounds you can fire three times. If you plan it so that you take a ship out on those occasions it will compensate for only shooting once next round. The 360 degree turret on the Falcon really helps there, as you will almost always have one ship that can fire no matter positioning.

Your tactics here are to put the Falcon into a central position where Han has a lot of board coverage. Corran needs to be a flanker, flying around where he can best take advantage of his double attack to take someone out, and then be a in a good defensive position the following turn when he can’t attack.

Your biggest threat will always be the Swarm. Since you’re only firing 2-3 times, lots of targets hurts to wade through.



With two ships and a total of twenty points devoted to upgrades there are a lot of potential variations you could try. Switching Shield Upgrade on Corran for a Hull Upgrade is worth considering as it saves you a point and makes up for the E-wings really weak hull. This could allow you to switch Navigator for Chewbacca on the Falcon, essentially giving it two more hitpoints. Or if you drop the Falcon title as well you could get a Gunner instead, which is never a bad option.

Once the YT-2400 is out Lando is a fun one to consider and very appropriate to fly with. You risk wasting an action but could end up with focus and evade tokens. Or Dash Rendar so you can fly on to rocks without a care (except possible damage).

If you’re comfortable with a PS 9 and 8 pilot you could switch out the elite talent. Determination is useful on the Falcon as you don’t have to worry about losing Han’s reroll and can ignore some crits entirely.  In exchange for some other upgrades, Predator, Opportunist or Outmaneuver are worth considering as they up your offensive potential. Opportunist on the Falcon with Gunner will give your opponent something to think about; if he spends that evade/focus token to prevent damage, he’ll give you another attack with a bonus die. Course that’s an expensive combo and will cost you a few other worthwhile upgrades.