Update and Reddit AMA

First, an announcement. Tonight at 830pm Eastern time, I will be doing a Reddit AMA in my role as an author. Check it out and since its an Ask Me Anything, feel free to talk about X-wing or Star Trek.

Second, as expected, the information on upgrading Tier 5 ships in STO was released. Unexpectedly, it came out yesterday instead of today.

It is about what I expected in my previous post for the most part. Here’s a run down:

  • You can upgrade most Tier 5 ships to Tier 5-U
  • There will be a small Zen fee. Estimated $5-10 but I expect they’ll probably end up being closer to $5 as all players are universal in saying that’s the most they’d be willing to pay
  • Upgrading ships is a one time expense. Upgrade it on one character and other character with that ship does so for free
  • The Upgrade will add the Starship Mastery system to the ships but unexpectedly only to level 4. That means they will receive 4 new passive abilities but will not unlock a unique Ship Trait
  • It will include an extra console slot and additional hull (that levels with you)
  • It does NOT include a new BOFF power slot. This is my biggest concern so far. T5 and T5-U will continue to have 12 BOFF powers but T6 will have 13. T6 already will have exclusive access to the new Specialist BOFF types, getting one more power gives them to much of a boost I think

You can find a complete list of upgradeable ships here and it covers most everything. To summarize:

  • Fleet variants and C-store ships available for upgrade with a fee
  • Lobi, Lockbox and special event ships (Breen, Risian, Dyson Destroyer) are all free to upgrade
  • Mirror Universe, free mission rewards (Ambassador, Odyssey, etc) and non Fleet versions of ships you buy from a starbase are NOT eligible for upgrade.
  • In essence, if you paid money or time grinding a special event you can upgrade it

All in all, I’m okay with this, provided the upgrade cost is $5 or under. I won’t be upgrading all 20+ ships I have but that price is low enough I can do a few of my favorites. Particularly Fleet ships as they will have 11 consoles to regular T6 having 10. If it takes awhile before T6 Fleet ships show up, that could be enough to balance out the missing BOFF slot.

Though I will have to decide which ships are my favorites. I have ones that I like the look and Star Trek feel of, and ones that I like mechanically. Fortunately, for anything but end-game stuff, it sounds like regular T5 will be fully capable.