Rogue Squadron: Elite Imperial

All Wings Report In

TIE Phantom- “Whisper”  (TIE Phantom Expansion) (37 pts)

After you perform an attack that hits, you may assign 1 focus to your ship.

  • Elite Talent– Veteran Instincts (Millenium Falcon/Slave 1 Expansions)– Increase your pilot skill value by 2.
  • Modification- Advanced Cloaking Device (TIE Phantom Expansion)- After you perform an attack, you may perform a free cloak action.

TIE Interceptor- “Soontir Fel” (TIE Interceptor Expansion) (30 pts)

When you receive a stress token, you may assign 1 focus token to your ship.

  • Elite Talent- Push the Limits (A-wing/Imperial Aces Expansion)- Once per round, after you perform an action, you may perform 1 free action shown in your action bar. Then receive 1 stress token.

TIE Advanced “Darth Vader”  (TIE Advanced Expansion) (33 pts)

During your “Perform Action” step, you may perform 2 actions.

  • Modification- Engine Upgrade (Millenium Falcon Expansion)- Your action bar gains the Boost action icon.


Lock S-Foils in Attack Position

The idea for this build is to get three PS9 pilots flying together. Under most conditions all of your will fire first.  That gives you a lot of options on your first target, potentially taking out a high value target before it ever gets to shoot. Vader’s two attack die are balanced by Whisper’s four, giving you the same as three ships with 3 attack.

The squad is highly maneuverable and therefore elusive for your enemies to target. But that is also your biggest challenge. They need to focus their fire to bring something down but being elusive and fragile, they may not all be facing the same direction. Keeping them out of enemy firing arcs is the more important option, unless you have a reasonable chance of killing a target before it gets to shoot.

Vader and Fel both get two actions a round, and Fel ends up with the equivalent of three with his free focus. If you can be fired at, focus/evade in combination is your best bet. That combined with three agility makes them hard to bring down. Whisper should rely on being slippery and aim to be cloaked with his bonus focus token.

I played this list in a tournament and its a hard one to fly. My first game was just a terrible luck. Went up against a double Decimator list, one with VI so was a PS10. He fired from range 1 and Whisper rolled blanks, being wiped out in the first round before ever firing. The other two went down in the next two rounds doing little to no damage. Combination of bad rolls and not spreading them out enough so the ramming Decimator had a chance at them.

The following rounds did better but they were long games. Deciding where best to move is a tough call. Learning to make those decisions quickly, especially against a TIE swarm that is all over the place, is a tough skill to pick up. In both of those games, Fel went down because he’s so fragile but not before taking down a few ships first.

One trick is you need to be prepare to control the engagement. If you can’t get an unopposed shot or focus all three ships onto a target to take it out, don’t be afraid to fly away and use your excellent maneuverability to your advantage.



There are a few minor variations you can play with this list. Dropping Engine Upgrade in favor of Fire Control Systems on Whisper and Targeting Computer on Fel ups your offensive potential. But at the cost of Vader’s maneuverability. Being able to boost is very useful for him.

You could also drop Fel for another Interceptor and gain a few points for one of those upgrades. But no Interceptor beats Fel.