Theorycrafting: Expose vs Opportunist

Let’s start today by talking about the Expose elite pilot talent:

Action: Until the end of the round, increase your primary weapon value by 1 and decrease your agility value by 1

Source: Slave-1 Expansion

On the face of it, this seems like it should be a good card. You sacrifice some agility to gain some offensive power. It’s 4pts but that’s not to bad to gain an extra attack die. For something with already low agility (YT-1300 or the new Decimator) its not much of a sacrifice. Or for something with really high agility (TIE’s, A-wings, E-wings) its a manageable sacrifice.

But the problem comes from that you’re not just sacrificing an agility die, you’re also sacrificing an action. Losing an action means you don’t have any focus tokens or target locks to help ensure you aren’t rolling four blank dice. Statistically, you’re better off with a reroll or focus than one extra die.

What got me thinking about this card again was the upcoming Rebel Aces expansion. With the A-wing Test Pilot title card there will now be ships capable of equipping two elite pilot talents. That means you could take Expose plus Push the Limits to still focus/TL and gain an attack die.

Again, on the surface it sounds like a reasonable plan. But what you’re doing is essentially making a more maneuverable X-wing with less hull for more points (Red Squadron- PS4, 3A, 2Ag, 3H, 2Sh = 23pts vs Expose/PTL Green Sq- PS3, 3A, 2Ag, 2H, 2Sh = 24pts). There’s no special benefit to this set up.

The new Experimental Interface coming with Scum and Villainy might make it useful, as its essentially PTL but for upgrade cards. Then ships other than A-wings could still take an action while using it.

The Decimator would benefit the most there as it loses no agility. And a B-wing with Fire Control Systems could mitigate it some. Corran Horn with EI and FCS might also benefit, as he is the only one who can make two primary weapon attacks per round.

When attacking, if the defender does not have any focus or evade tokens, you may receive 1 stress token to roll 1 additional attack die.

You cannot use this ability if you have any stress tokens.

Source: Imperial Aces Expansion

Outside of that, I think you’re always better off taking Opportunist.   It’s the same number of points and also provides a bonus attack die. It’s more situational use but you don’t sacrifice an action and can still use it when needed. You don’t want to pair that with PTL on a Test Pilot A-wing but you also don’t lose any agility.

A Green Squadron A-wing with test pilot + Opportunist + Outmaneuver is the same pts as a PTL + Expose. Still get an action and can roll 4 die. But it’s now a more agile and cheaper Wedge Antilles. It’s only PS3 so will likely shoot after targets have spent their focus or evades and paired with Wes Janson has good chance to use Opportunist.

I’d say, in most cases, you’ll see better results from Opportunist. There are a few builds, as mentioned above, that can make use of Expose but they are very expensive (Corran would be 44pts).


  1. Howdy Wayne,
    I think you need to bring the Outmaneuver card into this discussion. It reduces the defenders agility by 1 if they are in your arc but you aren’t in theirs.

    1. Outmaneuver is a great upgrade (especially on A-wings or Interceptors). And especially paired with a PTL or Opportunist A-wing test pilot.

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