Rogue Squadron: Delta Squadron

All Wings Report In

3x TIE Defender “Delta Squadron”  (TIE Defender Expansion) (33 pts)

No Pilot Ability

  • Cannon- Ion Cannon (B-wing/Slave-1/TIE Defender Expansion): Attack: Attack 1 ship. If this attack hits, the defender suffers 1 damage and receives 1 ion token. Then cancel all dice results


Lock S-Foils in Attack Position

Played in a tournament this past weekend and the store had Defenders and E-wings on sale. I already had two of each but I decided for that price three would be good as it would allow me to fly a three list and gain some more valuable upgrade cards. So last night I wanted to try a three Defender list.

I opted for ion cannon because I like the idea of ioning someone, white K-turning and then being behind him, still taking actions and plucking away at him. That worked out pretty well. I faced off against a B-wing/Y-wing/Chewbacca list. The ion trick kept the B-wing from doing much of anything in either game.

Despite that it ended up being one win, one loss. Despite three agility and three shield, three hull, they are just surprisingly flimsy. Green dice and notoriously unreliable and every time I’ve flow a Defender I’ve lost them to a flubbed roll of blanks that took them out in 2-3 shots.

Their attack is pretty solid and they should, on average, be able to survive a bit longer than I seemed to tonight. But that’s the risk with only three ships. Losing one will hurt your power and its very easy to lose one to bad rolls.

The white K-turn is very nice to have. The ability to flip around and still take actions kept them doing good damage when other ships would have been less effective. It also kept them unpredictable as you aren’t stressed and therefore aren’t locked into white/green maneuvers.



For three Defenders, you can take three Onyx Squadron with no upgrades. Optionally, Hull Upgrades or Stealth Devices in place of the Ion Cannon on the Delta’s. You could also take Vessery or Brath with Swarm Tactics which would solve the shooting so late issue. It forces you to fly them in tight formation but two PS8 triple die attacks can be enough to wipe a lot of low PS ships off the board before they shoot.