Scum and Villainy Commentary

FFG made their official announcement about Scum and Villainy over the weekend. I won’t repeat the article. But I do want to highlight a few things.

  • The Rebels have tough ships. The Empire has maneuverable/evasive ships. The new faction appears to be tricky. They are gaining a special kind of U-turn, Segnor’s Loop and have a unique type of upgrade, Illicit.
  • Several of the new ships come with new Cannons. This is good to see. We currently have three; Autoblaster is to limited use, Heavy Laser Cannon is often too expensive and Ion Cannon is usually better left to a ship with Ion Turret. Having more variety will be very nice indeed.
  • Boba Fett will finally be bloody scary. Rerolls for attack and defense based on number of enemies near him. Swarms will fear him.
  • IG-88 is interesting. Four pilots, all robot copies of each other. Tough, maneuverable ship with the ability to share pilot abilities. But 36pts so in regular games you’ll only ever have two. An escalation with four might be crazy scary. Or very gimmicky.
  • Accuracy Controller…guaranteed two hits every attack. Roll, decide they suck, oh well, guess I still get two hits. Better than Predator, immune to enemy forcing rerolls.  Combine this with an Autoblaster for guaranteed two damage every turn (that you can be at range 1)? B-wing + Autoblaster + Accuracy Controller + Engine Upgrade + Push the Limits (minimum 41 pts) but boosting and barreling rolling into position…
  • It appears, if you already own a Firespray and some Y-wings/Z-95’s you can just get the Most Wanted pack and be ready to fly the new faction. Sort of like a new Core set. Not a bad way to get into the faction for a minimal purchase.
  • The M3-A “Heavy Scyk” title looks to be a cheap weapon platform. Can carry torps, missiles or cannons for 2pts. If you assume 12pts for the cheapest ship, you can get five of them with a good bit of ordinance or cannon. IF they are 11pts somehow…then five with heavy laser cannons. That would rock but might be overpowered.

Those are my initial thoughts from that announcement.  FFG is good with leaking out all the juicy details so expect more over the next few months. They are due 4th quarter so by the end of the year.