Scum and Villiany

Exciting news out of GenCon, X-wing is getting a third faction! All of this information is secondhand, from TeamCovenant Twitter feed and friends at GenCon. But here’s a summary as best as I can tell.

scumNew Faction with 3 new ships

  • Star Viper
  • IG-2000
  • M3-A Scyk Interceptor




A new pack with conversion pilots for the following ships (coming late 2014):scum2

  • Y-wing (Comes with 1 model)
  • Z-95 (Comes with 2 models)
  • Firespray (presumably just new pilots)
  • HWK-290 (presumably just pilots)

This is all very cool. Not only are some ships seeing some potential upgrades (good chance the Y-wing/Z-95 pack will include unique upgrades for those ships like the Rebel/Imperial elite pack does) but a third faction. Mixing a Firespray and a HWK with a Z swarm? Lots of potential.

Unknown at this point if there will be rules for Rebel vs Imperials vs Pirates in one game. It would be hard to manage I expect but a very interesting game.

Only down side is I’m not a fan of the Star Viper or IG-2000 in terms of looks. Also, it delays any potential Nova Courier coming for the Rebels. But it opens the door for things like the Kimogila and AEG-77 Vigo.

Lots more potential info leaking out of GenCon. I’ll update if anything else emerges.

Edit 1: New picture from X-wing fan page on Facebook with all new ships: