Battle Report: Epic Transports

I got to play in my second epic game last night. The two epic ships are pretty cool but getting games with them is a bit of a time constraint. Fun though.

We only ended up having three players so we opted for two Imperial 200pt lists vs one Rebel 400pt. I wanted to play my transports (used the CR-90 in once before). I’ll post my complete list in a follow up post.

We were kind of rushed for time so we had to make turns really fast. This meant we flubbed some rules and measurements in the interest of speed. But even still, the game was mostly decided after about three rounds of firing.


We started out in a jousting formation, my twelve fighters flanked by two transports. Across the map were eight TIE’s, a Defender, two loaded bombers and Colonel Jendon in ST-321. Two Phantoms were off on the flanks ready to swing in behind me.

This was not an ideal set up or build for the Imperials. I had the advantage of one strategy in building my list as opposed to two team mates each building a list. This allowed me to have a list that really supported itself.

They moved their wave of TIE’s right into the maw of my force. This was where the time crunch really hurt. Instead of strategizing placement and attack plans, we just rushed at each other, which was the worst strategy for them.


My wave of ships unloaded assault missiles and my transports stressed and sliced them. This resulted in many TIE’s just getting washed off the board. They moved their bombers up to slowly and the Phantoms were to far on the flanks. By the time they had all joined the fight, the TIE’s were gone and I had only lost a Z-95 and  B-wing.

At this point we had to end the game since one of the guys had to go. It was pretty clearly over anyways, though you can never be to sure what will happen with two Phantoms and loaded bombers on the table.

What did I learn about epic play? Transports can be pretty nasty, despite their lack of an attack ability. Two of them with slicer tools can really mess up a group of enemy targets. Combined with Lt. Blount and assault missiles means you’re doing a lot of unstoppable damage. If I ever play another 300pt list, I’ll definitely fly them closer together so as to better maximize the stress/slice combo.