Theorycrafting: Experimental Interface

FFG’s out with more information on the YT-2400. Unlike last time, now they’re revealing everything else that’s in the pack. There’s a lot of cool stuff in there.

Instead of rehashing everything in the article, I’m just going to focus on one card, one they just mentioned without a lot of fanfare. But one that could be incredible versatile.

I speak of Experimental Interface (EI).  This little upgrade is like a new type of Push the Limits, granting bonus actions in exchange for stress. But unlike PTL, instead of doing an action from your action bar, you can do actions from your upgrade cards.

The first thought that occurred to me for this card was Astromechs. R2-F2, R5-D8, R7-T1 all require you to spend an action to use their abilities. That makes most of them less appealing. But add an EI and you’re good. This is especially great for Y-wings, where none of their pilots have an elite talent. Also great for low skill E-wings and X-wings. Hobbie or Dutch with this plus R7-T1. Hobbie’s ability would clear his stress after spending the target lock. And Dutch loves to take target locks and would get a boost and focus.

The second thing I thought of for this was Tycho. The lover of stress. Tycho + Push the Limits + A-wing Test Pilot + Expert Handling +  EI. He could boost, focus and barrel roll all in the same turn. And he doesn’t care about stress. Similarly, Porkins with PTL and R5-D8 to make repairs. He could PTL, ignore the stress with his ability, if he takes damage, use EI to trigger R5-D8.

Another good combo is Squad Leader. Normally squad leader requires you to give up your action to give one to an ally. And because it’s an elite talent, you can’t take it with PTL. Now, you can take an action and then use EI to give an ally an action. This would work great on Vader, Dutch or Cracken. Or Red Leader himself, Garven (R2-D6 to add an elite talent).

This works great for ships with crew too. Not as many actions but Leebo (new), Saboteur and Lando all require actions. With EI, you can take a regular action, then Boost, maybe do some damage to an enemy or gain some more focus/evade tokens. Leebo + EI onboard Dash Rendar’s YT-2400 will be crazy as you can flit around the board ignoring obstacles.

This card should be a lot of fun.

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