Rogue Squadron: Phantom Flight

All Wing Report In

TIE Phantom- “Whisper”  (TIE Phantom Expansion) (40 pts)

After you perform an attack that hits, you may assign 1 focus to your ship.

  • System– Advanced Sensors (E-wing/Lambda Expansion):Immediately before you reveal your maneuver, you may perform 1 free action.If you use this ability, you must skip your “Perform action” step during this round.
  • Elite TalentVeteran Instincts (Millenium Falcon/Slave 1 Expansions)– Increase your pilot skill value by 2.
  • Modification- Advanced Cloaking Device (TIE Phantom Expansion)- After you perform an attack, you may perform a free cloak action.

2x TIE Phantom- “Sigma Squadron” (Phantom Expansion) (30 pts)

No Pilot Ability.

  • SystemFire Control Systems (B-wing/Phantom Expansion): After you perform an attack, you may acquire a target lock on the defender. 
  • Crew- Recon Specialist (HWK-290/Phantom Expansion)- When you perform a focus action, assign 1 additional focus token to your ship.


Lock S-Foils in Attack Position

Earlier we locked at a Phantom Killer build so its high time we look at a Phantom squad itself. Flying multiple phantoms in a list is difficult. There’s no other targets for your opponent to go after other than phantoms and they are pretty squishy. But they are also elusive and hit hard. It should be noted that when I started writing this piece, I was basing it on a squad I had flown many times and had gone undefeated with. However, the games FAQ was just updated, clarifying how Advanced Sensors and Decloaking interacted, rendering part of the build invalid. This is a modification.

The two sigma squads are especially squishy as they lack advanced cloaking and are pretty low pilot skill. However, they make up for this in offense. Two focus tokens a turn with a target lock on the 2nd round attack makes them hit hard with their inherent 4 attack.

Whisper is a tough nut. With vet instincts he’s a PS9 so few ships will fire before him. Another high PS with vet instincts, making them a 10 or 11, or Roark will beat him but those are fairly specialized builds. Gaining a focus after a successful attack (and most attacks will be successful with 4-5 attack dice) gives him some much needed defense insurance.

The hardest part of this build is learning to fly the phantoms. They are tough and require a lot of concentration and ability to gauge where you will end up. Going up against turrets will be tough.


The variations to this build are many. You could upgrade the Sigma’s to Shadows with advanced cloaks . It would require dropping advanced sensors from Whisper so you lose some utility in exchange for higher PS who can recloak.

Alternatively, you could drop Recon Specialist and FCS for Advanced Sensors and Shadow Squadrons, giving you two higher PS ships but losing some offense boosts.

Just switching Whisper to FCS is an easy alteration that makes him hit harder but costs the benefit of advanced sensors.

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