Welcome to the Rogue Shipyards

Open hailing frequencies.

jaarodGreetings and welcome to the Rogue Shipyards. I am Rear Admiral Jaarod, commander of the Rogue Shipyards. ┬áHere you will find a series of articles providing information about the starships that pass through my shipyards. We’ll look at what makes them special, how they work and different concepts for ship design.

Primarily we’ll be looking at ships from Star Trek Online (Sto). This will include complete builds; Bridge Officer abilities, Duty Officer selection, consoles, gear and weapons. Sometimes we’ll just look at a particular combo of those things and how they can work well together. Not all of these things will be intended to create the most ideal setup. Some will just be about fun or interesting combinations.

I also intend to leave the door open to looking at ships, builds and tactics in other games. I enjoy X-Wing Miniatures for example and may end up writing about that and any other ship based game.

I can not say when or how often we’ll be releasing information. Running a shipyard during a time of war can be very time consuming. But keep your comm channels open and we’ll let you know.

Live long and prosper.